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November 3rd, 2014



It’s all about transition. Seems like Summer barely ended and Fall is passing us by fairly quickly. Layers seem to be the answer. I’m layering everything from my hair to my clothing. Traveling, as I do for work, has taken me to many climates in the past few weeks. I’ve worn everything from sundresses to cashmere sweaters lately. Boots and leggings always have a place in my heart…paired with an oversized top or Boyfriend Blazer… Easy breezy layering pieces!


Also, I’m layering a little more mascara and an m.vie bright red lip as my “go to” makeup transitions this Season.


Speaking of Seasons, I’m signing out re: blogs for 2014 and will be checking back with you circa Spring 2015. So let’s keep in touch via the m. vie Mineral Makeup Facebook page:) Please let me know what’s new in your Seasonal fashion/beauty transitions:)


Seems like Summer barely ended and Fall is passing us by fairly quickly. Layers seem to be the answer.

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October 28th, 2014



Here is a sneak peek Behind The Scenes (BTS) of MV’s 2014 Feeling Fabulous Makeovers.

The 2 Winners arrived at Chicago’s downtown Hyatt Recency in style. That was just the beginning of an action packed few days. We wined, dined and went sight seeing all over the Windy City. We even managed to fit in a matinee at the theater one day.

Monday was the biggest day of all. The ladies where whisked to the photo studio first thing in the morning where they were greeted with a catered breakfast (photo shoot style) and a friendly camera crew. Our team of expert hair stylists and colorists, from Bird’s Nest Salon, showed up to consult with or lucky ladies on camera then scooped them away to be coiffed at the salon.

Once they returned to the studio, they were met with a catered lunch and ready to begin their makeup application with Moi :) Finally, they were fashionably styled by our Celebrity Stylist, Marcellas Reynolds. Our lovely Winners were glamorized from head to toe!

The MV Style Team and Winners celebrated “Chicago Style” at a swanky downtown restaurant along the river that evening whilst looking and feeling fabulous!

Please stay tuned as the video and reveal will be coming soon!



photo photo 2 photo 1 photo 5


photo 3 photo 4

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October 19th, 2014

Midnight Velvet Blush Belted Jacket

This is one of the fresh looks that Midnight Velvet is touting for Fall. I’m lovin’ this sassy Blush Belted Jacket. For a casual approach, pair it with jeans (as shown) or my favorite answer to everything, when in doubt: leggings and boots! Both color and style are on point for this Season.

Speaking of Seasonal favorites, our model is wearing the m. vie Passion Pink Lipstick topped with Fiesta Lip Shine.  Our St. Tropez Blush is dusted on the apples of her cheeks as well as her brow bone for a rosy glow. Finally, the eyes are clearly defined with m. vie’s Black Eye Pencil on both the upper and lower eyelids blended with Onyx Eyeshadow on a Tapered Angle Brush.

Add these few items to your Autumnal repertoire and hit the town in style!



P.S. Try this festive look and let us know how it goes. Share a photo! Email it to or post on our Facebook page!


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October 10th, 2014



It’s that time of year when we start shooting the next Spring’s fashions as flurries are just hitting the air.

It can be a bit confusing sometimes as to what day it really is, but we always have fun while we are doing it!

Enjoy some of the “Behind The Scenes” pics taken during our MV Spring 2015 shoot!



Midnight Velvet Behind the Scenes photo 2[1]  photo 5 photo 2photo 3 photo 4

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October 4th, 2014


Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 8.27.43 PM


It’s time to clean out your makeup bag and freshen it up for Fall. Here are a few helpful hints:)

1. Discard your old Mascara and upgrade to a new one… Mascara gets dry and bacteria ridden fast!

2. Revaluate your Foundation color. As your tan starts to fade, let it go gracefully. Transition into the next lighter shade of Foundation by blending the two together until your skin tone fades to match the new Foundation.

3. Select a deeper shade of Lipstick that’s in your palette to compliment your new MV Fall Fashions.

4. Choose a complimentary shade of Blush to coordinate with the Lipstick you chose. Sweep a bit of blush across the apples of your cheeks as well as your brow bone to pull the whole look together.

5. Clean your Brushes for sanitary purposes. This will also allow you to get the truest color application from your new Fall colors.

With these few tips, you should be looking awesome this Autumn!




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September 26th, 2014

VC 1 cover

So it’s no sooner Fall than we are thinking of “The Holidays” already!!! Haha, I even saw Christmas Cards in a local store just yesterday:) With that being said, I couldn’t help but try to entice you all to have a sneak peak at The Holidays, MV style.

Our gorgeous Cover Girl is sporting our festive, signature, MV necklace and earring set complimented by Paso Pink Lipstick and Fiesta Lip Shine for a bold and beautiful pout. Those a are a just few things to get yourself and get the parties started right!

Now how about a few things for others such as a dazzling pair of gloves or a handsome watch for that special man in your life? This book is full of great ideas and new surprises.

Happy shopping and Enjoy:)


P.S. Try this festive look and let us know how it goes. Share a photo! Email it to or post on our Facebook page!


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September 19th, 2014

Midnight Velvet model

This gorgeous Pear Crystal Hand Jewelry & Drop Earrings Set is complimented by our beautiful model’s makeup. Try sweeping  m. vie’s Shiny Wine Eye Shadow across the eyelid. Apply the Onyx Shadow from the outer corner of the eye through the crease for definition.  Add warmth by applying RoseQuartz Shadow to the brow bone.

Her rosy glow is created with our St. Tropez Blush on the apples of her cheeks. And her lips are pronounced with Passion Pink Lipstick and glossed with Fiesta Lip Shine for a sultry shimmer.


P.S.T ry your hand at this Glamorous Fall Look and let us know how it goes. Share a photo! Email it to or post on our Facebook page!


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September 12th, 2014

A BIG thank you to all of you wonderful, amazing women who entered our Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest!!! It is an honor to have read all of your entries and shared stories of your lives. As I believe that ALL of you truly are winners, there can only be two who receive the makeovers. 

Please join me in congratulating Teresa R. from Kansas and Marie H. from Indiana as the winners of the 2014 Feeling Fabulous Makeover Contest! 

This is all very exciting:) Please stay tuned to Midnight Velvet and m. vie Mineral Makeup Facebook pages to see the outstanding “Before” and “After” results!


P.S. Get the whole Feeling Fab Contest Scoop here! 

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.37.11 PM

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September 5th, 2014

Q: “What Should I Do to Get My Skin Ready For Fall?”


Great question. Exfoliate, exfoliate exfoliate! All of the dry dead skin from the Summer “fun in the sun” needs to be removed so you can start a new. Try your local Spa/Salon to see if they are offering any specials on Body Scrubs/Body Polishes. If that’s not in your plan try mixing some Jojoba Oil with a little Sea Salt and a dash of your favorite essential oil like Lavender, perhaps and there you have a little DIY Body Scrub.

Once in the shower, gently apply mixture to your damp body in circular motions. Don’t rub too hard as the salt does the exfoliating for you…then rinse clean. When you’re done your skin should feel soft and new:) Whether you DIY or are pampered by a professional, your skin will thank you! Enjoy:)


P.S. Have a question for Mo? Email us at or post on our Facebook page!

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September 2nd, 2014

Hyde Park Vintage Jewelry $15.95 - $34.95 Exquisitely ornate jewelry with peacock-inspired colored crystals. Goldtone setting.

Put a little glamour in your new Fall style with these statement pieces from our Hyde Park Vintage Jewelry Collection. I love the jewel tones complimenting our lovely model’s eyes. Speaking of eyes, hers are clearly defined without being “too much”. This is a striking daytime look or a sophisticated evening ensemble. Try our Classic Cocoa Quad to achieve the eyes:)

Blush your cheeks and brow bone with m. vie’s St. Tropez for a healthy glow. Finally, Perfect your pout with our Port Lipstick. And away you go!



P.S. Try out this Look & share a photo! Email it to or post on our Facebook page!


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